Mini Office Makeover

Feeling overwhelmed at your desk? Stressed when you sit down? Not as productive as you should be? It might not be you – it could be a messy desk or workstation influencing your mood. Unorganised files, fighting to find things and paperwork piles not only affect how you work, they can also cost you time. Find out how to make work a little easier for yourself just by organising a messy workspace. Give your workspace a mini makeover – you’ll love the feeling of a fresh look and feel!

Start Fresh!

Every good makeover starts with a fresh approach! Get things under control with a couple of days of solid commitment to your makeover.

  • Clean the crumbs and dust off of your desk
  • Disinfect your phone and mouse
  • Go through your desk drawers and throw out dried up pens and highlighters
  • If you have files that haven’t been used in a while, archive them into storage. Check with your company about document retention policies and how to handle confidential data.
  • Take inventory of all the things currently on your desk and decide whether or not you really need them to be there.

Figure Out Your Favourites

You need to look at your work habits to identify the tools and information that you use frequently and want to access quickly and easily. If you’re a big user of letter openers, staplers and highlighters, keep them easy to access. If you constantly use your telephone list, keep it visible. Keep the items you use less frequently (like staples, or a notepad you use for monthly meetings) in less valuable locations.

A New Filing Style

To keep your desk organised and files easy to find, you’ll need to pick and implement a style of filing that makes sense to you. Do you like to use colour to help you identify the subject of the file? Do you need to file numerically or alphabetically? Do you have to share files with someone else?

Compact Desktop Storage

You need to keep the bulk of your desk space free to actually work. That means not having piles of paper and folders strewn around, and giving homes to your paper. You’ll still need to keep your most important files close to you, and the ideal way to do so is using compact document storage solutions. There are many options available such as magazine holders that store your papers vertically, also expandable pocket folders and desktop file holders.


Need Help?
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