The Right People in a Systemised Business is Pure heaven

The Right People in a Systemised Business is Pure heaven

Whether you are looking to hire a full-time employee or a short term contractor, it pays to spend time up front looking for the right person. Having the right people in place in your business makes the world of difference to your overall success. If you still need convincing, read on.

5 Key Reason to Hire the Right People and How They Can Advance your Business

  1. The right people believe in your business, are passionate about their contribution and work hard to achieve goals. In any Business, employees are the most valuable asset.
  2. The right people work harder, getting more done than the average worker who’s at work only for the paycheck. A talented addition to your workforce can advance stimulate others’ productivity.
  3. The right people are effective and powerful ambassadors for your brand. For instance, content shared by your team on social media is more likely to be trusted than anything your business may broadcast. Without these core team players, it is impossible for a business to stand out and grow.
  4. The right employees save costs, and when companies take action to engage their employees, the company makes more money. Hiring takes time, effort and money so hiring the right person from the start will save on turnover costs, training and possible lost sales. The longer the employee stays, the more valuable their contribution. Lastly, Fast Company reports that happy employees work at least 12% harder than their unhappy counterparts.
  5. Building the right team with the right attitude contributes to your business’s culture and raises morale. Companies with positive team relationships have lower turnover rates.

Choosing the Right Employees

Choosing the right employees involves more than just nailing the interviewing process because getting the right people to respond to your job posting in the first place requires creating an environment that people desire to work in.

For employees of all levels from Office Assistants to Executives, to be driven, ambitious and authentic, they need to work for an organisation that is driven, ambitious and authentic. For a business to scale, the business owner needs to show leadership and vision and importantly communicate this to their team. A team that has direction will work towards a goal; they will be more likely to exceed expectations and be highly engaged.


A team that has direction will work towards a goal; they will be more likely to exceed expectations and be highly engaged.


Contrary to the assumption that all employees want to do a reasonable job with the least effort, most actually want to do a great job and get recognition. One way that employees can perform their job to their best potential while complying with the company’s standards is for them to have the resources they need to do a great job. If your team do not have the resources to get the job done they way the business wants it done, guess what happens? They make it up. Making things up as you go along does not build stability or consistency in business.


“Choose the right employees and then set them loose.”

~ Carlos Slim


Business Systemisation and Employees

Now, I don’t mean that every part of an employee’s job needs to be spelt out in the most detailed form. What I mean is that for certain business activities, the procedure needs to be followed to ensure that mistakes are not made, service is consistent, and in some cases, compliance is adhered to. By giving your team these resources in terms of documented processes and procedures, means that they can get the job done efficiently, correctly and without being micro managed.

There are four key elements to any business that wants to grow:


The 4 Core Elements of your Business Diagram


Driving the business.
The business owner’s vision and goals for the business. Leadership is the factor that makes everything work together; without leadership, all other business resources are ineffective. The company culture is dependent upon the mindset and innovation of the owner. The leadership/management team trains staff to fulfil their KPIs, monitoring progress and completion. The leader’s role is to bring out the best of their employees. Leaders can identify those people in the business who are exceptional and assist them to develop their skills further.

Growing the business.
These are the marketing, sales and customer relations systems and processes. It is crucial for the business owner to create a profitable lead generation and selling system. The goal is to build repeatable and scalable selling systems that aren’t dependent on the owner or key personnel.

Supporting the business.
These are the behind the scenes systems and processes that are necessary to manage the business. These activities establish efficiency, consistency, responsibility and accountability.

Conducting the business.
These are the operational processes, such as a particular way a service is carried out or how a product is produced. This element of your business is where you add value, get results and deliver that service or product.


A business – any business – is made up of a set of processes and subprocesses all coming together. An intelligent, healthy growing business, is one that recognises the importance of having the right people running the right systems and processes.

The result when your business boasts the right employees and your business is systemised is incredibly powerful.

It’s the employees who use the systems to deliver the service to your customers.


It’s the employees who use the systems to deliver the service to your customers.


If you want a business that works without you, the combination of your A team and a systemised business will bring you to that reality.

Let’s not forget that once you have your dream team, you need to keep them. Looking after the well-being of your team members will not only make them feel relevant and valued, it will also help them to feel competent and comfortable. Happy staff are productive staff, and this means the business will benefit financially.

Having an ongoing training system in place is the best way to ensure your team grows and the company grows. Empower the people who work for you with knowledge.

Money and time spent training people is money well spent for the right people. Instead of thinking “What if I spend all this time and money training my key staff and they leave?”, have this mindset “What if you don’t train them and they stay?”

When businesses attract and keep the right people combined with tested systems in the key areas of the business, the results are a sure fire way to success and less sleepless nights.

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