Organising Works: Systemize Your Business for Growth and Freedom

Systemize Your Business for Growth and Freedom

Empowering Small Business Owners with Streamlined Operations, SOP Documentation, and Engaging Playbooks for Sustainable Success.




Most fast-growing businesses don’t have standardized systems and processes to handle growth to achieve the next level of success.

  • You’re disorganized, there’s no alignment between you and your team.
  • You feel stuck in old systems and methods that no longer serve your business.
  • The lack of clarity feels overwhelming.
  • You have tried to get systemized in the past but, nothing worked.

You've worked so hard to get the business to this point; you deserve a systemized business that works hard for you and is easy to scale.

Stop losing sleep over your business and instead enjoy simplified systems and processes that clear the way to success.


Stop being held back by inefficient processes.


Enjoy an empowered, unified team who enjoy going to work as much as you do.


Burst through every ceiling with systems that help you scale, successfully.

Business Process Consultant Wendy Tadokoro

I'm Wendy

If you are like most business owners, creating systems and processes doesn’t come easily. Maybe you attempted to write SOP’s, but they are sitting in a folder gathering dust.

Or maybe you’ve read the E-myth and dreamt of creating a business that doesn’t rely on you. But there’s a problem… nobody has given you a business systemization framework.

What if I told you there is a way you could dramatically reduce your working hours, spend more quality time with your family, while simultaneously growing your business? Sounds almost too good to be true, right?
But that’s exactly what I’ve helped dozens of small business owners like you achieve in the last 12 years. I can help you, too.

Here's How We Can Help:

Business Systemization

Clear systems and processes allow you to maintain consistency and efficiency and scale your business more easily. We help you simplify, improve and document your most impactful business processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Establishing accountability and empowering your team is essential to systemize your business successfully. So we'll show you how to align your team, delegate confidently and get clear on who does what and how so your team have the confidence to succeed in their role.

Employee Training Manual

Using our unique process and training manual development framework, we make it easy to document your SOPs and new hire onboarding using multimedia for a better and more engaging learning experience.

All your company knowledge, policies, training and processes are organized into a modern online searchable employee handbook for your team to access quickly, saving training time and costs and less reliance on senior team members. In addition, with your processes documented, you'll have one place of truth for "this is how we do it here".

Business Process Management

Now you've documented your key processes and procedures, what next? Systemizing your business isn't complete without ensuring that the processes are followed, and the business is continually improved. In turn, processes that become outdated, chaotic and unmanaged will hurt your business and demoralize your employees.

We'll show you how to leverage your process and training manual so that your team take ownership of their processes and improve and update procedures regularly. As a result, your business maintains efficiency and consistency, achieving long-term success. 

Setting Up Systems For Your Success Is Simple:

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Get clarity on how we can unlock your potential


Identify, simplify and document your critical processses and standard operating procedures (SOPs)


Create a modern Employee Training Manual and manage all your SOPs in one place


Scale your operations, empower your team, and enjoy business again

Gene Graham, Managing Director Economy Glass

Wendy and her team have been fantastic in helping me document and organise all the processes and systems in my business. She has taken the time to methodically understand each working component of our workflow, break it down, simplify it and then document it.

I highly recommend using Wendy to help take your business to the next level while getting some of your precious time back!

Gene Graham

Managing Director at Economy Glass

Mary Joan Brinson, Founder & Director at The Relationship Centre

I had the pleasure of working with Wendy to build out our systems. I understood the need to develop clear processes to allow me to create a business that could eventually run well without me – but I had NO IDEA where to start. Wendy acted as a skilled, patient, compassionate guide to help me move through this process. I was overwhelmed initially, but with Wendy’s guidance and support, she was able to break it down into manageable steps, and I am so proud of what I have been able to create with her assistance.

I could have never completed this project or had such a polished end product without her help. I would highly recommend her services!

Mary Joan Brinson

Founder & Director at The Relationship Centre

Chris Thomas, PlayMR

Before working with Wendy, we had zero processes. I knew we needed them, but it was an overwhelming and daunting process and difficult to know where to start. Our biggest problem was doing things in the business inconsistently; this negatively impacted our customer experience.

Since systemising the business, we have confidence that things won’t slip through the gaps and that if someone leaves, all the knowledge doesn’t go with them. So I would recommend building a solid foundation of systems for any business that wants to grow to the next level. Working with Wendy has been a positive experience.

Chris Thomas


Jillian Cardona J&L Real Estate Group

Wendy and her team gave me hours of my day back through the development of our onboarding and training program.

Her insights and expertise were exactly what we needed to build out a comprehensive platform walking new team members through every step of our onboarding process using various types of media. We couldn't be happier with the finished product.

Jillian Cardona

J&L Real Estate Group

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