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To Create A Business That Works

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Are you a time-poor and stressed out
small business owner?

Working too hard?

​Feel like a slave to your business?

​Business not growing fast enough?

Overwhelmed by everything you need to get done?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then don't worry you're not alone. Most small business owners struggle with the same challenges.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if I told you there is a way you could dramatically reduce your working hours, spend more quality time with your family, while simultaneously growing your business? Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

But that’s exactly what I’ve helped dozens of small business owners like you achieve in the last 8 years, through the power of business systemisation.

How Systems Can Transform Your
Business and Lifestyle

Without systems most businesses are in chaos, the business is all over the place. Here's what having systems can achieve.....

  • Work less - save time by delegating more of the daily activities in your business and spend more time with the family
  • Make more money - have the time to focus on your talents and income generating activities
  • ​Boost productivity - you'll actually get more done when your systems are working instead of you
  • Grow and scale your business - when you have a systemised business, it's easier to replicate your success
  • ​Build an asset - a systemised business is a valuable business
  • Control - become the driver of your business knowing that your systems are running your business

​Maybe you’ve read the E-myth book and learned about the importance of systems to create a smooth-running and efficient business. Problem is this book never really explains the ‘HOW TO’ part of systemising a business!

Or maybe you’ve tried to create a few systems but never really gotten around to finishing them… and they’re sitting somewhere gathering dust!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

​What We Do

​Helping you create the business you always wanted without taking years to get there

Simplify how your business works

​Get clarity by identifying your key systems and processes to document

Build a modern-day Operations Manual​

​Manage all your policies, processes, trainings and company knowledge in one easily accessible place

Become an owner of a systemised business

​You'll be finally free to work on your business not in your business

Matt Graham of ​Brindabella Gas and Plumbing

​Matt Graham
​Brindabella Gas and Plumbing


I recently started a new business and had no idea where to start compiling the information that I had in my head. Through engaging and productive weekly online meetings, Wendy helped extract all the important information and helped us create usable systems.

Wendy and her team are extremely professional and well equipped with all the technical ‘know how’ to get the systems and procedures documented to an extremely high standard.

As a result, this process is saving us time and money by being more efficient. I’m more than happy to recommend ‘Organising Works!’ to any business owner interested in creating a perfectly streamlined working environment.


Get Systemised

Our "Done With You" service

​Learn how to successfully systemise your business and have your team trained by us to ​document your operating processes and procedures.

​​Get Systemised is a 3 month video and private consulting program ​with access to an online portal of training, resources and a library of ready to go processes.

​Process to Freedom

Our "Done For You" service

Want to systemise your business, but never seem to get around to it? Let us ​document your processes and procedures for you. 

We help you to get your business running smoothly so you can get on with ​being a leader and let the systems do the work.

Process To Freedom Accelerator

Consulting, accountability, and mentorship

​If you already have systems in place and you are looking to get to the next level ​then Process To Freedom Accelerator provides extra support and accountability to accelerate your business.

Wendy joins forces with you and your team to help manage and improve your systems and processes. ​

​Meet Your Systems Specialist: Wendy Tadokoro

Wendy Tadokoro has been working with business owners all over the world for the last 8 years helping them to put documented systems in place so that their business runs seamlessly.

Wendy has a passion for systems ​and her mission is to make business systemisation achievable to as many businesses as possible.

Wendy Tadokoro - Organising Works in Brisbane, AU

Who I Help

Business Owners...

Business who are motivated - Organising Works in Brisbane, AU
Understand the need for systems and procedures - Organising Works in Brisbane, AU
Systemised business - Organising Works in Brisbane, AU
​Chris Thomas of PlayMR - Organising Works in Brisbane, AU

​Chris Thomas


​Before working with Wendy, we had zero processes. I knew we needed them, but it was an overwhelming and daunting process, and it was difficult to know where to start. The biggest problem we had was doing things in the business inconsistently; this negatively impacted our customer experience.

Since systemising the business, we have confidence that things won’t slip through the gaps and that if someone leaves, all the knowledge doesn’t leave with them. I would recommend building a solid foundation of systems for any start-up business or any business that wants to get to grow to the next level. Working with Wendy has been a positive experience.

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Ready To Create A Business That Works (With Or Without You)?

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