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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business playbook?

A business playbook, sometimes known as an employee manual, employee handbook, operations manual, or training manual, is a collection of company information, policies, processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Your business playbook enables you to get your business out of your head and into a format you can share with your team. Documented processes and procedures help new employees get up to speed and contribute faster. As a result, your managers field fewer questions and can spend time developing people, improving processes and leading.

How long will it take to build my business playbook?

The number of processes, procedures and policies for each business will vary. If you already have up to date documented processes, it is possible to build your playbook in as little as 90 days; if it takes a bit longer, that’s fine too. We will work together to identify the scope of work and your priorities. Additionally, the more time your team have to work alongside us, the quicker we can implement your playbook. We provide training and support for your team, so you don’t need to worry about how to capture processes and where to start.

Is the Business PLAYbook Formula right for me?

The Business Playbook Formula is for people who want to:

  • Scale their business operations
  • Empower their team and run a systemized business
  • Create a business playbook as one place of truth for all business knowledge, processes and SOPs

Business owners and their teams benefit from the program since it reduces reliance on the owner, empowers their team and makes scaling operations easier.

The Business Playbook Formula provides:

  • Private consulting with your leadership team
  • In-depth review of your content and how to organise it in your playbook
  • On-demand support through our online client portal
  • Tools to track progress and create accountable goals
  • Guiding templates and online training
  • Feedback on team-generated process documentation
  • Strategies to assist with change management, process management and continuous improvement

How does the program work?

Initially, we will conduct a discovery session to understand your existing process/training content and what needs creating. We’ll set goals and timelines and introduce ourselves to your team, who will manage the project internally. Depending on the amount of content to migrate or create, the program timeline is approximately three to four months. We deliver our program through Zoom meetings, training videos and other resources and support via our client portal. We are used to working with clients worldwide and do our best to accommodate different time zones. You can find full details of the program on this page.

The majority of my business is not documented. Will you help us?

Yes, we help you document procedures that you are already using. We have an easy 3-step process:

  • You capture your procedures using multimedia, such as screen recordings and videos
  • We upload your procedures to your business playbook
  • You review and publish the procedures inside your playbook platform

Using video may seem intimidating at first, but we provide all the training you need to become proficient at documenting processes with video. 

What is Trainual, and how much does it cost?

Trainual is our preferred platform for creating and managing your business playbook. Trainual is an online training manual/employee onboarding platform for all your procedures (SOPs), new hire onboarding, training, knowledge, and processes. Our team are Certified Trainual Consultants, and we love using Trainual to build beautiful and engaging business playbooks. Trainual pricing starts from USD 99 per month*. We will be glad to discuss your requirements and determine if Trainual will be a good fit for your business.

*Check the Trainual website for latest pricing.

My business is already using Trainual. Can you help us get the most value out of it?

Yes absolutely. Here are some ways we can help you succeed with Trainual:

  • Migrate content from another platform into Trainual
  • Optimise your existing content for engagement, knowledge retention and consistency
  • Provide recommendations for improvement of your content, structure, and useability
  • Provide strategies for onboarding new hires, training and maintenance of your business playbook
  • Creating tests/quizzes
  • Software training for your training and development team
  • Process capture/documentation
  • Workflow mapping for training and process improvement

How much do your programs and services cost?

Short answer? It depends. We have learnt over the years that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to systemising and documenting businesses.

Our service fees depend on multiple things:

  • Size of your business and the number of employees
  • Type of the business and the complexity
  • The amount of content to migrate or create
  • How much training and support your team requires

When you invest in a business playbook, you’ll save time with team onboarding, your training will scale, and you’ll have a more empowered and engaged team. These benefits will help your business scale successfully to the next level. So how much longer can you afford not to do this critical work?

Contact us today to discuss if the Business Playbook Formula is right for you.