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The Business Playbook Formula

Capture and share everything your team needs to succeed, in one place.


  • Why your culture has everything to do with successfully implementing processes that get followed.
  • Identify the right team members to drive your playbook project through to completion.
  • Develop a communications plan and get your entire team onboard and aligned with your vision.


  • Select the best online playbook platform to store your company information and processes.
  • Identify roles and subject matter owners in the business.
  • Identify existing content for migration and develop a plan to create new process documentation based on what your learners need to know.
  • Create a structured framework of content that ensures your content will be easy to find and assign as training.


  • Design the look and feel of your content in line with your branding.
  • Capture standard operating procedures (SOPs) easily and quickly using simple tools.
  • Learn how checklists can make your team more productive instead of the complex detailed guides no one reads. 
  • Our team partners with your team to optimize your content and add engaging features to enhance the learning experience.
  • Get valuable feedback from your team and continue to improve and add content for the different roles and subjects.


  • Launch your playbook by communicating how it will be used so that your teams take ownership of it.
  • Train everyone on their relevant processes and procedures so they are aligned and committed to following them. 
  • Establish a welcoming onboarding process for new hires to set the tone for success. 
  • Learn how to assign training and track learners’ progress. 


  • Develop a strategy to ensure that your team maintains your playbook’s effectiveness for the long term. 
  • Lead your team through the new way of working with encouragement and support and create a culture of continuous improvement.
Wendy Tadokoro Certified Trainual Consultant 2023

Plus Bonuses

Bonus 1 - Guiding Principles To Drive Growth

Bonus Training #1

Guiding Principles To Drive Growth

Most businesses don’t have guiding principles and a mission statement that motivates their team. The guiding principles of your business establish a standard for behaviour and attitude, shape your culture and define your company’s unique viewpoint. By providing a framework for decision-making, your guiding principles help your team understand what’s important.

We help you create your guiding principles, including an inspiring mission statement that will make running your business easier and everyone feel motivated.

Bonus 2 - We Train Your Team

Bonus #2

We Train Your Team

Getting your team behind you and contributing to the process capture process is essential to success. Upskilling your team and empowering them to take ownership of their processes is the best way to implement your core processes faster and more efficiently.

Our team will partner with yours to ensure implementation goes smoothly and that your team learn new skills along the way. Your team can join consulting calls, have access to the online training resources and get all the support they need. 

Bonus 3 - Ready-to-go Process Workflows, SOPs And Examples

Bonus #3

Ready-to-go Process Workflows, SOPs And Examples

We give you our tried and tested simple tools and templates that you can customise for your business. You and your team can easily access all our training and resources in our learning portal. Each module has video and text training, worksheets, and progress checklists.

New hire onboarding, performance reviews, meeting templates, mission statement worksheets, process improvement checklists, and so many more resources that you can copy, tweak and deploy in your business.

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