I recently started a new business and had no idea where to start compiling the information that I had in my head. Through engaging and productive weekly online meetings, Wendy helped extract all the important information and helped us create usable systems. Wendy and her team are extremely professional and well equipped with all the technical ‘know how’ to get the systems and procedures documented to an extremely high standard. As a result, this process is saving us time and money by being more efficient. I’m more than happy to recommend ‘Organising Works!’ to any business owner interested in creating a perfectly streamlined working environment.

Matt Graham
Brindabella Gas and Plumbing

When I started working with Wendy I had too many projects and related tasks that I was working on and I felt that I wasn’t being efficient. I was working long hours and not spending as much time with my family as I wanted to. Since learning the productivity strategies that Wendy teaches, I am now more conscious of how I manage my time and tasks and I am constantly improving. Wendy goes the extra mile to ensure that you get the best results from the training.

Ripple Amin

After moving office, we were not easily able to locate key documents, which was very frustrating. We had also partially started a system that wasn't quite working and had not had time to focus on resolving the issue... Our situation was costing us in terms of time and money.

Angela Mcdonald
Optimum Recoveries – Brisbane

​I have attempted over many years to document my business processes and being the owner of a small business I did not possess the time, or the specific knowledge to create these documents in a formal and structured manner.

Wendy has helped us to create detailed process documentation and provided guidance and structure. Also Wendy has been a great source of reassurance that we are headed down the right path and that by taking this course of action, we are implementing an improvement culture within our organisation - one that can and will evolve over time into a more successful operation.

I understand the challenges that small business owners face and the time restraints. Often the 'bump' critical organisational tasks such as documenting company procedures. To see some substantial results in terms of productivity, I recommend business owners to make these tasks a priority."

Heath Whiteside
Director - Whiteside Homes

​Before we started working with Wendy, we didn’t have documented processes which meant that we had no backup in case someone was sick and we didn't have a training manual to train new staff members. Being in this situation meant that I had to do everything myself which took me away from working “on” my business.

Since working with Wendy, we now have living documents that capture key tasks for my team to follow and a training resource for new staff. Initially, the thought of setting up and documenting processes was overwhelming, having Wendy working with us and asking us the questions that needed answering made the whole process quick and easy. I now have the confidence and skills I need to manage the systems and processes in our business, and documentation that will help take our business to the next level.

​Melissa Edyvean
​Bondi Chai

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