At what stage of my business do I need to start systemising?

If you have been in business for a while, you will no doubt have experience some pain. You start to see mistakes happening; things start to fall through the cracks, these are growing pains that every business to some degree will experience. You will recognise when the time is right to systemise. For some business owners, there will be one defining point in time, for others the realisation will be gradual. If you are starting out, although you will want to set yourself up for success from the outset, systems shouldn’t be your main priority. The start-up stage is about working out what works, testing the market and making sure the business has legs. Your systems will continuously change as the business evolves. At start-up stage, you don’t know what you need until you need it. What is important in the initial stages of your business is to have the entrepreneur mindset, from the outset start to think in terms of firing yourself from the business. As you grow you get to the point where what you have done in the past no longer cuts it, that’s the point at which the benefits of systemising will be evident. When you are ready to systemise, don’t procrastinate, the sooner you can get systemised; the sooner life becomes easier. 

​What if I don't have any systems in place?

​You most likely have some way of doing things in your business, you just haven’t thought about them in terms of systems. What you are currently doing may not be the best way, we’ll look at your workflows and see what can be improved.

If you don’t yet have a particular system in place but know you need one, we’ll work together to develop the best systems for your business. At the end of the documentation stage, you’ll get to implement and test your new and improved systems and processes. 

​​How long does it take to systemise my business?

​To systemise a business takes time, it’s a process, not a project. Each business has its own level of complexity and factors that need to be considered including the availability of your team, resources and the skill level of your team. Systemisation is all about continuous improvement. When you have created, improved and documented the majority of your systems and processes, the process continues with upkeep and making sure your systems and processes continue to serve you. I designed​ Systems Done for You for the busy business owners; we do much of the heavy lifting for you. We make sure that you have the best-designed systems; implemented right and that you can maintain them - we have the system for that!

​​​I just don't have time to systemise my business; there is so much to do, right?

​When will you have time? If days, weeks, months go by and nothing changes, then something needs to change. Each day of indecision is a day of missed rewards. Think about a time when you are less stressed; you get enjoyment from your day, your clients become loyal fans, your team love working for you and stuff just gets done the right way every time. It’s not a pipe dream; it’s a real possibility. For each hour you invest in systemising, you will get back many many times over. You will get more free time, and your business will ultimately be more profitable. Systemising has a phenomenal return on investment – one of the best investments you can make in business.

The key is to start. It’s uphill for a while; the benefits will gradually be evident one process at a time. By going through Systems Done for You, you get the help and support you need through the process. Firstly, we help you to have the right mindset - the systems mindset. Motivation to work through the process is the often overlooked piece that is essential to the success of systemising your business. The next stage is to empty out the knowledge in your and your team's heads and start the documentation process. We have a wealth of information, templates, proven processes, policies, and many other resources at our fingertips.

There will come the point at which you and your team will become your own systems specialists continually improving, adjusting, and delegating your work. At the end of your efforts, no longer will you work in chaos, you will have happy, productive staff, satisfied customers, and the business you always wanted.

Don’t wait for until the perfect time or enough time to systemise, make systemising your business a priority. Decide to make the shift in your business, jump on board, let us plot the coordinates and help you to get to your destination.

​What if I am not local, don't you need to come to my office?

​If you have a computer and a reliable Internet connection, we can work with you anywhere in the world (time zones permitting). We work with businesses throughout Australia and internationally, and the results have been fantastic.

We always spend time upfront learning more about you, your business, and any specific requirements you have. Our Systems Done for You service is customised so that you get the results that you want.

​With the wonders of technology, we are able to deliver our Business Systemisation Process via live video calls and online training​ no matter where you are in the world.

Whether you are 5 minutes down the road or 12 hours away by plane, you can be assured that our commitment, high level of service and the results we achieve are consistent. We have developed a tried and tested methodology that works seamlessly no matter what industry, the size of business or time zone.

​Systems Done For You and Get Systemised - what's the difference?

Both programs follow my step by step process for successful business systemisation. Systems Done for You is for you if you want one on one help to systemise your business, you are looking for accountability and you don't have the time or resources to document systems and processes yourself. ​Get Systemised ​provides one on one and video training for business systemisation following the same 9 step by step modules as Systems Done For You, we like to call it our "Done with you" version.

​​If you are not sure which program is right for you, book your free Systems Success call and we'll be happy to help.

Systems Done For You

Get Systemised

Process To Successful Systemisation Methodology

18 live calls over 6 months

12 live calls over 3 months


Live calls with training and support

​Live calls with training and support

Process interviews with team


Live and online training on how to get your team to help with process documentation

Process Documentation

​8 process documentation sessions. We write the documentation for you.

​3 process documentation training sessions

Process Improvement

We help you ​identify improvements and issues with current processes

We train you how to apply the 16 point process checklist to improve processes

Resource Guides



Access to the Plug and Play Process Library



Recommendations for Process Management Software



​Team onboarding workshop and process implementation training


​Process implementation training

The strategy to manage systems



Ongoing support options after program completion



​What can I really expect to change once I have systems in place?

​​Everything! Systemisation will help you get a sense of purpose, control, and mastery in your business. If you have done most things right in your business so far, systems will take you to an entirely new place.

Imagine being in control of the new client intake process where every new customer receives the same high level of experience every time. Imagine the time you will save when a team member leaves, and you can induct and train a replacement within hours not weeks. Sure occasionally things will still go wrong, that will be your opportunity to improve those systems even further.

​Ready To Get Started?

​Let’s chat about building the systems you need to get to the next level.