Get Systemised

is the first program of its kind...

​Built With
Sustainability in Mind

I'll show you what it takes to build a systems-centric business that will stand the test of time. No fussing around, straight to the point.

Teaches You How To Get Your Team To Help You

​I'll show you how to get your team onboard and creating systems that get implemented fast and get followed.

​Combines One-on-One Support and Online Training

I'll ​take you step-by-step through the process and support you and your team with live sessions and online training.

Get Systemised is a 3-month business systemisation training and consulting program consisting of 12 live private one-on-one video consulting sessions. Wendy takes you step by step through the Process To Freedom training and includes templates, guides and ready to use processes.

This program is explicitly designed to help you increase efficiency, create structure, eliminate waste, and build a sustainable business that is not 100% reliant on you. By implementing the Process To Freedom, you will finally be the owner of a systematic and growing business; one that is less stressful and more enjoyable.

Who is Get Systemised For:

Small business owners and team training - Organising Works in Brisbane, AU
Great team for business - Organising Works in Brisbane, AU
Step by step process of business - Organising Works in Brisbane, AU
Melissa Edyvean of Bondi Chai - Organising Works in Brisbane, AU

Melissa Edyvean

Bondi Chai

Before we started working with Wendy, we didn’t have documented processes which meant that we had no backup in case someone was sick and we didn't have a training manual to train new staff members. Being in this situation meant that I had to do everything myself which took me away from working “on” my business.

Since working with Wendy, we now have living documents that capture key tasks for my team to follow and a training resource for new staff. Initially, the thought of setting up and documenting processes was overwhelming, having Wendy working with us and asking us the questions that needed answering made the whole process quick and easy. I now have the confidence and skills I need to manage the systems and processes in our business, and documentation that will help take our business to the next level.

What you Get

Live Coaching Sessions - Organising Works in Brisbane,AU

Here's what's included in Get Systemised:

  • ​12 private consulting and training sessions
  • ​9 step by step online training modules
  • ​Access to the plug and play process library
  • Two processes critiqued for you
  • Resource guides
  • ​Module 1
  • ​Module 2
  • ​Module 3
  • ​Module 4
  • ​Module 5
  • ​Module 6
  • ​Module 7
  • ​Module 8
  • ​Module 9

Module 1


  • ​How to create a systems culture from the onset that your team will love.
  • ​​The way you approach the systemisation of your business will set you up for success and prepare you for the work ahead.
  • ​​​The systems mindset is your path to enlightenment. You’ll have so much positivity that going back to the old ways of working will not be an option.

Have Questions?

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​How It Works

We like to keep things simple, here is our process:


Let's Talk

​It all starts with a conversation. We'll ask you about your business and what you want to achieve so that we can make sure that Get Systemised is the right solution for you.


​Fixed Price Proposal

​​After our call, we'll send you a fixed price proposal. You'll know exactly what's involved and the cost.


​Schedule Sessions

​​​We'll lock in online session dates so we can work through each stage of the process together. We'll set a timeline and schedule that suits so that you and your team can work around your business commitments. You'll get access straight away ​to the online training portal.


​​Session 1 Starts

We take you step by step through our ​the Process To Freedom. ​We work with you and your team over 12 sessions and dedicate up to 4 sessions to the process and procedure documentation that will run the business.


​​We ​Help You Implement​

​For your systemisation process to be successful, the way we implement and incorporate these changes into your business is key. We support you to get your team onboard and embracing your systems and processes.


​​We Give You The Strategy To Manage Your Systems​​

​​We’ve got you covered when it comes to managing your systems. We give you the step by step process to follow that ensures that your operations manual is maintained and continuously improves the running of the business.​


​​We ​Made It!

You now have the tools and the process for continuous improvement. Go ahead and grow your business and smash your goals. We’ll still be here to support you as your business and systems evolve. 

Ready to Get Started?

​Let's chat about building the systems you need to get to the next level.