The 7 Systems You Need To Systemise In Your Small Business To Be Successful

Simplify and Unpack Your Business

What if...

  • Most things didn't depend on YOU
  • Your employees did things the way you want them done
  • You weren't just doing a "job" every day, you were actually growing your business

Most small business owners that we speak to are in the same boat. They're frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed. They work hard, but their goals seem out of reach.

There are dozens of great books that make a strong case for the importance and value of having systems and processes in a business and all the benefits that come with it. However, the missing gem is the HOW to create a systems dependent business and simplify your operations so you can have the time and space to work the hours you choose and still grow your business.

For a business to run smoothly and be easy to scale, the business must be dependent on its systems and processes as opposed to key employees. Most business owners, at some point, start to put processes in place only to get derailed and fail because they don't start with a strong foundation and a plan.

It all starts with taking the first step; it's about taking the theory you have learnt, then taking the practical steps to make it happen.

I've developed a 9 step business systemisation program to identify, prioritise, document and manage all of the systems and processes in your business.

The first step to systemising your business is to create structure and uncover the core processes that will have the most significant impact on the efficient operations of your business when improved and documented.

This workshop consists of 2 parts, the Systems Org Chart and the Primary Service Workflow.

The Systems Org Chart

Your Systems Org Chart is a birdseye view of your business presented in a simple visual format capturing the core processes in each business department. Think of the Systems Org Chart as an inventory of processes.

The Primary Service Workflow

The Primary Service Workflow will identify all the steps from how you attain a customer to how you retain a customer. When you have a clear visual workflow, you can quickly start to improve each step and determine if and how to document the process.

Creating this structure is the fundamental first step in systemising your business.

Why is it important?

Before you start to document and capture how things work in your business, first, you need to understand WHAT you and your team do. 

Completing the Simplify & Unpack Workshop will answer these questions:

  • What are the systems and processes you have in place right now?
  • What systems and processes do you need?
  • Where are things falling through the cracks?
  • What are your departments and sub-departments? 
  • What are the systems and processes that make the most significant impact?
  • What needs to be documented?

What is the outcome of the workshop?

  • Simplify your business by departments and roles
  • Identify the most impactful processes in your business
  • Prioritise your processes to create a plan for systemisation
  • Define the steps in your primary service delivery
  • Discover possible bottlenecks in your service workflow
  • Identify gaps between the processes you have and the processes you need for growth

What You Get

  • 90 Minute Online Workshop
  • Visual maps of your business processes divided into departments and roles in PDF format
  • A visual workflow of your Primary Service in PDF format
  • A workshop report including a complete summary of recommendations and next steps

Primary Service Workflow - Example

Systems Org Chart - Example

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