Wendy Tadokoro Awarded Evernote Business Consultant Certification

Wendy Tadokoro Awarded Evernote Business Consultant Certification

Wendy Tadokoro owner of Organising Works! is proud to announce that she is now an Evernote Business Certified Consultant. Wendy successfully completed the program and is now endorsed by Evernote with their first business certification.

Wendy was among a handful of Business and Personal Productivity Consultants worldwide to qualify to become and Evernote Business Certified Consultant.

An Evernote Business Certified Consultant will help show you how to quickly get Evernote Business set up for you and your team and guide you towards maximum productivity. Evernote Business Certified Consultants are recognized Evernote experts. They’ve completed comprehensive Evernote Business training and stay in the know with the latest updates.

– Evernote


Wendy has been using Evernote for personal and business use since 2009, Evernote has now become her number one productivity tool. This is how Wendy describes Evernote, “Evernote is my digital brain, my trustworthy, reliant and loyal assistant everywhere I go. I use Evernote to remember everything, to save time and get more done. I have managed to achieve an almost paperless office using Evernote. My clients are amazed at what they can achieve and how much more organised they feel using Evernote.”

Wendy’s consulting work includes designing and implementing Evernote into small businesses. She helps business owners and their teams integrate Evernote business into their workflows resulting in more efficient and effective collaboration, communication and project management. Wendy recommends using Evernote to effectively manage knowledge within the business or organisation.

Are you looking to streamline your business workflows? To find out if Evernote is a suitable option for you, contact Wendy to learn more about Evernote and discuss your requirements.


About Evernote

Evernote builds apps and products that help people remember everything, work effectively and achieve personal and professional success. There are over 100 million Evernote users worldwide. For more information about Evernote and to sign up for a free account visit http://www.evernote.com


About Evernote Business

Evernote Business is designed to help businesses and organisations to share and discover knowledge and expertise among their teams creating an open, productive and smarter workplace. Evernote Business works seamlessly across devices for instant access and everything is all in one place. For more information about Evernote Business visit www.evernote.com/business

Wendy added “Trying to remember everything in your head, running a business or just trying to manage a project can be overwhelming. Using Evernote’s powerful features will greatly increase your personal and business productivity. If you have ever lost a receipt or an important piece of information then you will know how frustrating it feels. With Evernote you can be clutter free, practically paper free and feel in control knowing that everything you need is just a search away. I share tips and techniques for using Evernote on my website and I created Evernote Training Programs and Workshops so people could get set up and using Evernote fast no matter which devise you are using”.

Wendy’s training programs are suitable for business owners, entrepreneurs and busy professionals with basic to advanced technical knowledge. All programs combine personal and business organisation with digital tools to increase efficiency and productivity. Programs are designed for success, which means you will get to implement what you learn on the day.

Wendy Tadokoro can be contacted on +61 407 967715 or wendy@organisingworks.com.au


About Organising Works! Wendy Tadokoro helps business owners and their teams to implement high impact systems to supercharge their productivity. With her experience in developing procedures and business process training, Wendy now applies strategies to clients’ individual situations, including systemising their business.  By taking away the overwhelm and complexity, Wendy teaches a more practical and straight forward process adapted to the modern day workplace, achieving outstanding results.

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