The 7 Systems You Need To Systemise In Your Small Business To Be Successful

Why Systemise?

"Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing... layout, processes, and procedures."

- Tom Peters

Work and Lifestyle

  • You and your team can communicate and work from anywhere, any time and on any device
  • Delegate knowing that the work will get done to your specifications
  • Spend more time doing the things you are best at and enjoy
  • Create a business that you can be proud of not just a job

Sales and Profitability

  • Systemise sales and marketing activities for more consistent results
  • Consistent delivery of services increases repeat and referral sales
  • Happy customers become raving fans
  • A systemised business becomes a valuable asset as opposed to a non-systemised business

Control and Sanity

  • Become the driver of your business and feel confident that the systems are running your business
  • Roles are interchangeable and knowledge is distributed within the team
  • Reduce stressful mistakes and accidents
  • Have confidence knowing that all your Standard Operating Procedures are captured, easily accessible and regularly updated

Happy Employees

  • Employees are empowered when they know how to perform their job and there is consistency throughout the business
  • Your team are able to run the systems without your constant involvement
  • Systems free up everyone's time so focus can be directed to more desirable and valuable work
  • Your systems culture allows everyone to understand your values, your goals and how they fit in


  • Find everything quickly and easily
  • Train new employees easily and have them up to speed quickly
  • No need to reinvent the wheel, follow the documented processes and procedures
  • Tech systems ensure your team knows what to do by when and the steps to follow


  • Documented processes and procedures mean the business is easily duplicated
  • Save time so you can work on growing the business
  • Bring in managers or new owners with minimal hand over time
  • Take on more clients or sales without struggling to handle growth
White Side Homes

Heath Whiteside
Director - Whiteside Homes

I have attempted over many years to document my business processes and being the owner of a small business I did not possess the time, or the specific knowledge to create these documents in a formal and structured manner.

Wendy has helped us to create detailed process documentation and provided guidance and structure. Also Wendy has been a great source of reassurance that we are headed down the right path and that by taking this course of action, we are implementing an improvement culture within our organisation - one that can and will evolve over time into a more successful operation.

I understand the challenges that small business owners face and the time restraints. Often they 'bump' critical organisational tasks such as documenting company procedures. To see some substantial results in terms of productivity, I recommend business owners to make these tasks a priority."

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Copyright © 2022 | Organising Works! | All Rights Reserved.