Most fast-growing businesses don’t have the systems in place for the next level of success

At Organising Works, we help small business owners enjoy business again with simplified systems that pave the way to success and support your team as you scale.

My name is Wendy Tadokoro.

All my life I have been an organizer.

From friends weddings to businesses my attention to detail has always been second nature (and driven my family mad). My first corporate job was with an international company that was thoroughly organized. I became an expert on the company operations manual and found the clarity made business simple, easy, and enjoyable.

I‘ve also experienced how frustrating and destabilising it can be to work with a boss who has no systems in place. When I left to work in a family business, the chaos was overwhelming. The entirety of the business was in their head, so I began putting systems and processes in place to streamline operations and make the company more efficient.

With my background in professional organizing and working in corporate, I realised you don’t need millions of dollars and a high-rise city office to have an efficient, high-functioning business.

I created Organising Works to help small business owners enjoy business again. We'll help you pave the way to success and unlock your business's true potential by simplifying and organizing your systems and processes.

Business Process Consultant Wendy Tadokoro

Business Process Management Consultant

Trainual Top Consultant Australia

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Business Systems You Need Now
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Emmanuel Dovellos, Joe Junior Fast Food Restaurant

I was micromanaging and wearing all the hats in my business; this meant I was wasting time, money, and above all, there were inconsistencies. Since working with Wendy and her team, I have direction, order and a level of organisation that I didn’t have before.

Wendy understood my situation and did a great job of bringing it all together. I am now confident that I can diversify my business and have peace of mind that my staff are getting the job done right and above all, I get to spend more time with my family.

Emmanuel Dovellos

Joe Junior Fast Food Restaurant

Carlos Quilez, V.P. Operations at Quilez Associates

We were looking for help with how to operate better and for our team to understand the goals and objectives of our program. Wendy guided us on how to work more effectively.

If you are looking for help to maximise your time and have limited resources, you need to work with Organising Works. I look forward to working with Wendy again on other projects.

Carlos Quilez

V.P. Operations at Quilez Associates

Mitch Beddow EHS

We had the pleasure of working alongside Wendy and her team for 6 months to implement, improve and streamline our job processes, onboarding and training for staff.

We are a business of 22 staff and the improved efficiencies that we have implemented since working with Wendy is beyond what we could dream of.

This has changed our business for life - Thank you, Wendy and Organising Works.

Mitch Beddow

Efficient Hygiene Services

Director of Operations

Heath Whiteside, Director Whiteside Homes

I have attempted over many years to document my business processes. As a small business owner, I did not have the time or knowledge to create these documents formally and in a structured manner.

Wendy has helped us to create detailed process documentation and provided guidance and structure. Also, Wendy has been a great source of reassurance that we are headed down the right path and that by taking this course of action, we are implementing an improvement culture within our organisation - one that can and will evolve into a more successful operation.

I understand the challenges that small business owners face and the time restraints. Often they 'bump' critical organisational tasks such as documenting company procedures. To see substantial results in terms of productivity, business owners should make these tasks a priority.

Heath Whiteside

Director at Whiteside Homes

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