Simplify, Systemize and Scale

The business process management service to take your business to the next level of success.

Our Process Made Simple service is a done-with-you program designed to help you:

  • Improve and document your core processes and standard operating procedures
  • Transition from day-to-day fire fighting to successful business leader
  • Make your business easily scalable
  • Develop a confident and empowered team who are aligned and follow your processes
  • Establish one source of truth for knowledge and training
  • Improve your training and onboarding

Are you looking for better consistency, scalability, management ease, and profit but unsure where to begin?

What has gotten you to where you are now won't get you to the next level of success.

  • You have tried creating systems and documentation in the past but nobody followed them.
  • You have hit the ceiling and the cracks are starting to show.
  • You are stuck trying to do everything yourself, and you feel overwhelmed.
  • You want consistency, efficiency, and engaged staff, but you don't have a clear path to success.

You deserve simplified systems and processes that make business enjoyable again for you and your team and clear the road to success.

Unlock your business's true potential.

Imagine what you could achieve if you had the tools and support to improve, document and organize your core processes and SOPs and finally get your business systemized.

Regain time and flexibility.

Work on the things that drive your business forward and bring you joy.

Simplify your operations.

An aligned team and consistency make managing your business easier.

Scale for success

Lead a growing business and increase the value of your company.

Melissa Edyvean, Bondi Chai

Before we started working with Wendy, we didn’t have documented processes which meant that we had no backup in case someone was sick, and we didn’t have a training manual to train new staff members. Being in this situation meant I had to do everything myself, which took me away from working “on” my business.

Since working with Wendy, we now have living documents that capture key tasks for my team to follow and a training resource for new staff. Although initially, the thought of setting up and documenting processes was overwhelming, having Wendy working with us made the process quick and easy. I now have the confidence and skills I need to manage the systems and processes in our business and the documentation that will help take our business to the next level.

Melissa Edyvean, Bondi Chai

Michael Jenkins, Shout Agency

To scale the business, we needed to unpack our processes and procedures and have a uniformed approach across the entire business. Wendy got into our heads and helped us extract and improve our processes in each area of the business. Our processes now allow us to execute faster and consistently including making it easier to bring on new people into the team and get them up to speed quickly.

Wendy put a system in place to manage all our operational processes and made sure that implementations phase went smoothly - with very little effort from me!

I highly recommend working with Wendy if you are looking to scale a business.

Michael Jenkins

Shout Agency

Alison Evans, Pinpoint Local

Before working with Wendy, we had zero processes. I knew we needed them, but it was an overwhelming and daunting process, and it was difficult to know where to start. The biggest problem we had was doing things in the business inconsistently; this negatively impacted our customer experience.

Since systemising the business, we have confidence that things won’t slip through the gaps and that if someone leaves, all the knowledge doesn’t leave with them. I would recommend building a solid foundation of systems for any start-up business or any business that wants to get to grow to the next level. Working with Wendy has been a positive experience.

Alison Evans

Pinpoint Local

Brett Brewer Omni Underground

We operated with no structure or any processes, we were stressed and unorganized, and it was costing us time and money. I was sceptical for years because I never really understood the systems and processes. Once Wendy showed me what this would look like moving forward, I was sold.

Wendy does a great job of explaining things in simple terms and ensuring you understand what is required. The follow-ups were consistent, which made me feel that I wasn’t alone and that, for me, was a huge benefit.

Anyone who wants to structure their company and scale would benefit from working with Wendy and her team. It was necessary for us to scale and operate with the least amount of issues. Also, it’s now easier to hand off tasks and train new employees without the headache of falling behind.

I’m now less stressed and more organized, and it's so easy to track where we are as a company.

Brett Brewer

President, Omni Underground Inc

Running a small business doesn't have to be exhausting; there is a way to enjoy business again.

Process Made Simple is our unique business process management program...

Built With Sustainability in Mind

We'll show you what it takes to build a systemized business that will stand the test of time.

Teaches You How To Get Your Team Aligned

We'll show you how to get your team onboard and capture processes that get followed.

Combines One-on-One Support and Online Training

We'll support you and your team step-by-step through the program over six months to get your business systemized.

Process Made Simple is designed for fast-growing small business that:

Want to systemize with confidence and without being overwhelmed by the process.

Have a great team ready to step up and help document the business's processes and standard operating procedures.

Are committed to systemizing the right way with expert support and accountability.

Systemizing your business can seem overwhelming and time-consuming, that’s why most businesses don’t do it. With Process Made Simple, you don’t have to figure it out by yourself. We help you empower your team to take ownership of their processes and standard operating procedures.

If time and know-how are the biggest barriers to systemizing your business, then Process Made Simple is designed for you. Enjoy business again with simplified systems and processes that pave the way to success and support your team as you scale.

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